September 21, 2012

Willy Wonka Ball

Went to the AUPSA ball (Willy Wonka theme) last weekend.
It was a lot of fun :)
So many stories to tell ...
not exactly good ones haha but stories, nonetheless.

Let's see... from the group I came with...
1)  a couple got kicked out for doing something inappropriate (not going to say what! Hah!),
2) one was dirty dancing, sandwiched between two creepos, eww
3) another couple were fighting because one of them was checking out/dancing with other girls
4) one (previously mentioned) was so intoxicated that he was falling asleep, 
the bouncer was about to kick him out (not allowed to sleep inside the venue)
yup, that's it. 
May elaborate further if I see you in person 
(really uncomfortable about putting embarrassing stuff up here
*she says, completely ignorant of the fact that there are horrid blooper photos on this blog*)

Didn't help that I was pretty much sober and was trying to impress someone -
my friends weren't exactly making me look good at that point.
Grrr makes me wonder how I'm friends with these people...
haha jokes
They're usually not like this.
I was as shocked as you are 0_0

It was the first (and only) time we went out this semester. 
We're all much too busy to have fun on the weekends :(
Oh well, we're all dreaming big for postgrad and/or the 'future' so giving up a social life is not too much of a burden.

Ahhh my dress made me look frumpy at certain angles. 
Not cool.
Ahh whatever
....  "first world problems", as they say.

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