April 17, 2011

A polished look

These were taken around Christmas... yeah, really old.
I meant to post them but I kept getting lazy forgetting.

I really like the black and red one, 
it kind of reminds me of Spiderman!
Go spidey go!

I have wrinkly hands, I know.
But think, with wrinkles comes wisdom
yeah, I made that up.

Anyway, on to the explanations about...

1) "The person with the weird laugh"
was actually someone from last year who was in one of my tutorials...
and after I met him, I thought to myself,
"I could really see myself liking him... hmmm" (it sounds so calculated, doesn't it? Hahaha!)
but the thing is, instead of saying something cool and suave at the end of the tutorial like,
"Hey, where you going now? I could walk with you... ?
(As you can see, I actually don't know how to be cool and sauve)
I just stood up and walked out of the room without even a quick "bye".
I didn't know what to do! 
And during our next tutorial he sat with some other girl haha
Oh well, you snooze, you lose.
One year later, about a couple of weeks ago I was walking to a lecture
 and suddenly realised that I was walking behind this person.
I... slowed down my pace and just admired from afar :D (what a coward...)
And when I looked closer I thought, "Dayam, he hasn't changed a bit!" 
But when I got to a free table outside my lecture hall (lecture hadn't started yet) to do some revision,
I heard this ridiculous and loud laughter. 
I looked up and it was him hanging out with these girls, laughing like a really drunk hyena.
I felt so embarrassed for him... to be blessed with such an ugly, nerdy laugh.  
Needless to say I don't think I could like him anymore.
His laugh is too weird.

2) "The severed head"
was my Linguistics tutor informing me about the labs for the MSLT.
I wasted about 40mins of our 1hr tutorial asking my tutor all about Speech-Language Pathology 
(one girl kept looking at the clock in an irritated fashion... sorryyyyyy :P)
it turns out that he's a tutor for the Masters Linguistics courses for the MSLT!
Anyway, he was telling us how one day one of his MSLT students walked into his lecture 
with a shocked expression on her pale face.
She explained,
"In our Anatomy lab the tutor just yanked out a severed head from a bag without even warning us..."
I freaked out... just A LITTLE BIT.
You see, in deciding that I wanted to pursue an MSLT, 
I completely overlooked that fact that we'd be expected to do any type of Anatomy (really stupid of me, I know).
Right after that story... I actually considered choosing a different career path for a few minutes because there's no way that I'll be able to stomach cutting open a dead persons head 0_0
 But I quickly realised that we must take the good with the bad.
I will just have to build a bridge and get over it!

This is where hobos sleep at night in Albert Park. I promise it doesn't look like this cool in real life.

3) "The deadly acorns"
is nothing too exciting.
There are dozens of hundred-year-old (?) acorn trees at Albert Park.
I walk through Albert Park every morning on my way to Uni.
And because it's autumn, 
these really hard acorns keep falling off the damn trees and hitting me on the head >:(

And there you have it.
Stuff I said I would explain more than a month ago.

Here are some daisies, just for you.

Hope you had a good weekend mes cheries!


  1. I was thinking of doing my nails half black & half gold.

  2. YAY glad to have an update from you Trix.
    I think I know who the drunken hyena laugh belonged to??

  3. You are too funny! xoxo
    Just pretend that dead person's head is a watermelon.. sort of?

  4. love the look..! w



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