April 12, 2011

Baby Blue Bow

Dress and belt from Trademe, red bangles from Portmans, ring from Diva, DIY bracelet is actually a handbag handle to which I added red ribbon, candles from my aunts living room (haha)

Took some night-time photos with candles! 

"Teapot" photo, 
just for you my dear Nicky ;)

Well, well, well.
It seems that every time I post something on this blog, it starts with,
"So sorry I haven't posted in so long!"
Well, as a dear friend said to me recently,
"Uni kicked in".
Fifi and I have been really busy and although I've been checking this blog daily,
hoping she'd put something new on it 
(I don't see my co-blogger in the flesh anymore :( )
I don't put anything on it myself.
Really, really bad, I know!

I distinctly remember that on the last post I made,
I said I would explain a few things concerning 
(let me quote myself now),
"The person with the weird laugh.
The severed head.
The deadly acorns."

But I'm too tired right now so I'll have to do the explaining tomorrow :P


P.S. I've started drawing again! 
After taking a break from Uni it is so nice to pick up a pencil 
(and not have to draw graphs)
and relax.
Hahhhhhhhh ! <- (supposed to sound like a realllllly long sigh)


  1. Great shots and amazing dress!!!

  2. merci pour ton commentaire!ca m'a fait plaisir et je te suis à partir de maintenant ;) enfait j'aimerais voir cette robe que tu parlais!je suis sure qu'on est bien toute les deux dedans =D


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