January 27, 2011

[Fifi] All that glitters

I LOVE glitters, shiny, new things.
Okay... maybe I'm not talking about a t-shirt that says "HOT BITCH" in plastic glitters.
but generally speaking, if it shines, I'm about 80% in.

I painted a picture few weeks ago.
The theme was 'Modern day Sleeping Beauty'
I was poor and had to use a small canvas and was also lazy, so used water colour ;)
But last night, I found some stash of GLITTERS!!!!!!
so, on it goes.

Oh man, I wish I had a sparkly dress like that(hahahahahahaha ;D )
Oh by the way, the end of the sleeves arent supposed to be gold,
but it was a lighter blue glitter, except when I was doing the giant gold part,
it got on the sleeves too! :(

 My princess is ready for her prince!

And then-
I was bored again.
so I looked into my box full of junks my grandma gave me and found this!!
Ah, a heavenly gold broach with the broken clippy part.
so, I went to Bernina's and got some ribbons and ring thingies.

Do you like it? :D

P.S I shall be packing vigorously from now till I move to Wellington on the 3rd of Feb
I might take a photo of my ridiculous packings...
yay! I love packing(no sarcasm there, hehe)

and unpacking!(I hate this part)

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