January 24, 2011

[Trixie] Movie reviews of summer '10

I've been feeling un-inspired lately, 
which is why this blog has been so quiet you could probably hear you ears ringing.

I've seen 3 films these holidays so far!

1) The Social Network
Hmmm I found this film number 1 on a "Best films of 2010" list. 
I disagree, it wasn't the best film of 2010.
It was definitely worth my money and funny, but Jesse Eisenberg was annoying. 
There were so many times I was to just jump right into that screen and rip his head off.
And the twins were amusing haha
Though you should bear in mind that half of the stuff in that movie was exaggerated 
or just added for dramatic effect.
Don't take it too seriously

2) Love and Other Drugs
Yes, the two main protagonists are very good-looking but even looks don't save this film.
I haven't felt so deceived by a movie trailer since Despicable Me.
I'm such a cry-baby that I cry in nearly every movie I watch.
But this one, I didn't feel anything.
It was funny every now and then, but holy crap - !
There were some really intense bedroom scenes. 
Kind of felt like 1/3 of the movie was just beautiful people doin' it.

3) Burlesque
This movie was so much fun! Loved it!
Christina Aguilera's acting was not bad - not deserving of an Oscar, but not too bad. 
She still needs some practice though, that much is evident.
But her voice was amazing! And the dance numbers were really cool!
This movie made Katy and I really, really want to buy some sequined leotards and dance some burlesque.
Ohhh yeahhh hehehehe
Main guy is pretty good eye-candy too ;)

Fi watched The King's Speech a couple days ago.
I plan to watch this film asap! It's got some amusing stuff about Speech Therapy in it too :D
She might write a review on it here, if she feels like it ;)

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