January 24, 2011

[Fifi] Boredom

Just adding on the Trixie's movie reviews, I'll add The King's Speech.

I had  very low expectations for this film despite the amazing cast.
um let's see... I figured there isn't much to portray about the stuttering king.
But as I started watching the first few minutes of Colin Firth's scene,
I realised that he really did deserve the Golden Globe for this role.
I have to say there isn't much about the plot, but the pace is exciting throughout.
It kept me engaged. There were no depressingly gloomy scenes, which I liked,
but humour seems to be everywhere, even when the situation isn't so great for the casts.
I was amongst the older viewers at Gizzy cinema with a friend,
and it's very amusing listening to grandmas laughing at good old jokes :)
When I got out of the cinema, I felt empowered.
I felt fortunate and lucky that I didn't have speech problems,
but I think what they really wanted to say was the book isn't always about the cover,
both the characters and the film.
Go and watch it, it's worth the money :D

It's such a humid day.
I went shopping with a friend for her date outfit tonight.
and I found her a perfect dress and a cardigan.

I ended up getting some cheap stuff too.
two tees, and started taking photos when I got back home.
(sorry about my disgusting room ;D )

with a white vintage silk blouse from Sally's

are you liking the rubbish bag on my(your) right?
hehe, I'm packing for Wellington!

I actually don't really like this top, but it was cheap, aw well.
And stripes are easy

Oh, there is my pj pants! :D

 my very pretty friend, Nikki

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  1. your top suits yu very well..
    and i have to watch that movie soon. :D


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