January 15, 2011

[Trixie] Floral Falal

 I feel really bad because I changed my mind about going out to town twice in one week.

My mind has just been all over the place
(uni enrolment woes, money problems, I think my period is coming... etc).

I've been too lazy to post stuff on the blog, 
and seeing as someone NINIA kept nagging me to make new posts, 
I will!

And no, Ninia, 
I do not hold you in contempt :)
Thanks for nagging me,
otherwise this blog would have to be renamed "Fifi's Style Orbit".

Usually I keep at least a couple of days between posts but I know that if I don't post something tonight,
I will have scary nightmares ("scary" is redundant in this case... ) concerning a certain Cook Islander 0_0.

Bought this jumpsuit (I refuse to call these things "rompers" !) on trademe.

*sigh* trusty ol' trademe!

These photos have been in my computer for...
lemme check...
for more than a month

When I got my casual job my weeks suddenly got more hectic,
especially with my relatives visiting. 
There was not enough time to post new stuff...
and honestly, I've been in a I-hate-my-clothes funk for months now.

But I'm too poor to go on a spree :(

Anyway, I hope this is enough to make you like me again,
fellow readers :)

P.S. so sorry for being M.I.A!
Hope you're all having a good 2011~



    I'm glad I nagged you.
    It's depressing when I keep checking back and nothing has chaged =P so thanks


  2. i like the off shoulder outfit. good thing you have a back up post prepared eh?
    good luck on enrollments. :D

  3. First time commenting :O

    wow, that's a jumpsuit?
    Look at you model! "work it"
    Even though it's not the main point of this post, I really like your shoes


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