January 15, 2011

[Fifi] New Years

Happy New Years everyone!
I know this is a bit late since the last post.
I've been lazy, burning lying on the scorching sand at the beach.
Oh and the internet has been going crazy.

So, this year is a bit of a change for me;
I'll be leaving the University of Auckland
and move to Wellington to do the Bachelor of Radiation Therapy.
I've just found a flat and I hope it's not so crappy as I imagined it to be.
I'll finally catch up with Trixie in about couple of weeks and I'll make sure we have photos to prove that.

New years....
starts with an expectation. An expectation that I'll hopefully and finally stick to my resolution.
Of course, it is not likely that I'll stick to any of them,
but so far, so good.
As with the resolutions, I'm anticipating a change in style.
I want to try different things and not be afraid of it. 

I was looking through the Spring collections and these struck out to me.

going back to simplicity, yet undeniable-

Jill Sander 2011 Spring Ready-to-Wear Collection

Lanvin 2011 Spring Ready-to-Wear Collection

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  1. IN LOVE with Jil Sander Summer SO much! I want everything!


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