August 04, 2010

[Fifi] Rainy days

UMAT is done and gone out of the way.
I don't know if I should be happy it's over or worried about the result :)
Anyhow, life is sweet and short, so I better make it the best it can be.

i know it's been a while I posted ANYTHING on this blog, and
i'm guilty for that. so Trixie and I met up and we took some photos of her
awesome new satin(ish) dress. it's an amazing dress
and I think she should wear it to O'Rorke ball this friday!

Oh did I mention we have a ball coming up?!
I bet I haven't, anyway I'll make sure I take enough photos.

Our floor is playing SECRET ADMIRER at the moment,
a lot is going on; creepy messages, loads of hearts and I LOVE YOUs
and yes it makes me happy knowing the person I'm stalking
doesn't know who I am :)

Gotta go back and do some work(for real this time!)

it's so rainy in Auckland. An umbrella is a must.
Get one with funky and unique prints

I personally want this one :)
How typical of a pre-med student's taste.

 Trixie reckons her legs aren't great but I think otherwise, because they are awesome!
I had a looked the draped or hip-ecentuating dress

I absolutely love figure-creating dresses on women;
it's who we are, curvacious and beautiful in every size and shape

Lovely, isn't she?

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