August 09, 2010

[Trixie] Burberry Porsum in GQ

What a hottie.

I like his jacket. 
The elbow pad things are kinda cool...

love his hair.

"Men have a low threshold for distraction. They are delicate. They are made nervous by having to do more than one thing at a time. They feel frazzled and angry if they have to answer three phone calls, and have a hard time settling back to work after the trauma. Women, on the other hand, develop the skill of doing many things at once. They tuck the phone in between their shoulders and their ears, hold a baby on one hip, stir a pot on the stove, all the while thinking about an idea for a story. They don't think it's unfair to have to do this. They think it's normal."
Barbara Cawthorne Crafton

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