August 06, 2010

[Trixie] Mmmm wedges

Aren't these cool?!

I found them on a random website where the currency is in sek's (say that aloud... heehee).
Have no idea where that is but it was something like 1349 sek.

Sounds like a lot of money... 
something that I do not have :(

We went shopping today.
I was actually exclaiming (very loudly) in Jeans West how 
"I'm so tired of the floral trend! Ugh!"

Aren't you?!
The floral trend has been around for more than a year,
and every mainstream shop has pretty much 'floral-ised' everything.
Skirts, tops, cardigans, even LEGGINGS.

I actually HATE leggings... this look will never grow on me.
I do not appreciate walking up stairs,
looking up,
 and seeing some girl's ass jiggle in front of me in shiny 'pleather' (synthetic leather made of plastic) leggings.

Leggings as pants will never be acceptable in my eyes.

I mean,
I don't have a problem with leggings if you wear them with a long top,
or make them look chic instead of cheap
(what most people in leggings end up looking like).

But really,
 if you can avoid it,
please do not give in to the "leggings as pants" trend.

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