August 06, 2010

[Trixie] Dansk !

These photos are from Dansk magazine.

Yeah, I've never heard of it either...

Aramadillo shoes! 
Genius invention by Alexander McQueen.

I was just thinking...

why do we keep doing things that we know we shouldn't do?

There are probably more serious examples emphasising this point but I will use a relatively tame example of how it's in human nature to keep repeating our mistakes.

Today when the girls and I were walking up Queen St in the evening,
we walked past Giapo, an Italian Gelato shop.

Fi instantly said, 
"We're having Giapo on our way back."
It wasn't a question -
It was a statement.
And hell no was I going to argue with her.

Now, every time I buy this expensive gelato ($6 for 2 scoops!),
the whole time I'm scoffing down the gelato, 
sticky gelato marks around my mouth and all (hot look, I know),
I think that this purchase is worth my money.

But right after successfully inhaling all the gelato in my big gelato-covered mouth,
 I realise that the coldness, sweetness, and huge scoops of gelato make me sick...
I feel so full that my tummy feels so ROUND and just so FULL.

Yet I don't learn from my mistake.

I always, always buy Giapo if I happen to walk past the shop
 (given I have the means *cough money cough* ).

lack of self-control...

Oh, I got a reason as to why I keep buying Giapo gelato...
I'm a pig.



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