August 03, 2010

[Trixie] When sleep escapes you

I should really be sleeping...
got a tutorial tomorrow.

But I just got this new notebook and I can't stop playing with it! 

Have I any funny anecdotes to tell?


I had a Medical Science lab where I had to dissect a big, fat rat.
The dissection itself was a lot of fun, didn't gross me out really.

The only thing that bothered me was the smell.
It was horrendous.

I was thinking... 
if (relatively) small creatures smell so bad, 
then wouldn't dissecting cadavers be googolx worse?
How do Med students do it without gagging?!

The lab supervisor, 
the one talking over the mic and dissecting her own rat under a camera that streamed onto tvs in front of each table,
was shockingly blasé about the whole lab.

There was one part where she was trying to explain/show us how the trachea is linked to the nostrils, 
and to emphasise this, 
she advised us to "stick the metal stick up the trachea from the abdominal end and push it through the nostril".

That seemed easy enough, right?
But when she did it to her own rat, 
the blunt metal stick wouldn't come out through the nostril.

So she shoved it up the rats nose, 
pulling the skin from the rats face and eventually making a huge hole where the cute little nostril used to be.

A huge chorus of 
ensued after her brutal display.

Talk about "FERAL" (from the words of Emmer,  28/7/10), right?!

Oh, Fi and I are going to a ball this Friday!

Exciting, NON?!

Balls and dresses and make-up and hair...
reminds me of the good old high school days.

Wasn't very long ago,
but I already feel so separated from my high school life...

You're rolling your eyes because I'm being too dramatic,
I need to grow up.



Il faut que je dorme -
en serio!

Gotta make some sweet dreams (and beautiful nightmares).

"University degrees are a bit like adultery: you may not want to get involved with that sort of thing, but you don't want to be thought incapable." 
Peter Imbert, Sir.

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