August 18, 2010

[Trixie] Super Pink Tutu

Nice big tutus are becoming 'fashionable' again.

When I say 'fashionable', I mean that the shops are stocking them and they're what you see on the runway.

Actually, I hate that term -

It makes it sound like wearing an item of clothing is unacceptable just because it's not currently what's in the shops.

But having an entire outfit that's 'fashionable' makes me cringe.
From hair to bag to clothes to shoes...

If what you're wearing now can't be worn next year without you looking 'out-dated',
then you've got a problem.

Be more original.

It's boring being a sheep.
Be the ram with horns!

(But eww flippin' flip flops to Uni will never be acceptable.
Put on some real shoes ya hobo.)

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