August 04, 2010

[Trixie] Alexa Chung in Harpers Bazaar

I was actually telling Fi how I think that Alexa Chung is overrated as a 'style icon'.

Obviously, being the model, she didn't style her photoshoot here,
BUT I will admit that she does look nice...

Okay, very nice!

Damn her modelesque-ness!
(Yesss, I just made up a new word. They're called "open" words :P )

^ That dress is so pretty.
I want it!

When I last visited Wellington,
my friend told me that she had taken an interest in anything with ruffles...

I went through a may-jah ruffle phase in 2009,
so naturally by now
 I'm kind of over it.

But seeing this dress makes me long for a BIG ruffled skirt :D

Yarr yarr I've been won over :P

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