August 29, 2010

[Trixie] We no speak americano

Don't know about you,
but if there's one thing I always crave
it is fashion magazines.

Yes yes,
 magazines are the biggest waste of money
because once you've read the whole thing
you just sit there,
$8 poorer and completely bored again.

And just in case you are a fashion magazine junkie too,
my favourites are InStyle (Australian version) and Fashion Quarterly (NZ).

I don't really like the high-end ones like 
Harper's Bazaar and Vogue 
because they tend to have more articles and advertisements in them than clothes.
And when they do feature clothes, 
they're usually Gucci, D&G, Burberry etc
Basically stuff that I can't afford anyway.

What I don't like about fashion magazines is
how they make you feel when you're flicking through the pages,
in awe at all the clothes, shoes, make-up etc

"Ooh, I like that... but can't afford it..."

"They don't have that shop in New Zealand..."

"That's sold out..."

when I saw my boots in some magazines
a few weeks ago after I had purchased them,
I felt so fashion-forward ;D


I just felt like I really achieved something :P

Cheap thrill...
no really, it was a cheap thrill.
Those boots were such a good deal

Oh, and the girl beside me in the last couple of posts is our exchange student.

I remember a time when we were boxing on Wii.
When it was her turn she went ballistic, began to flail her arms and started yelling,
"Maddie RARRRR!!!"
(Maddie goes out with this boy she likes)
It was so funny!

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