August 08, 2010

[Trixie] Annie Higgie the Illustrator

Annie Higgie is an Illustrator from Australia
(... Australia? Austria? One of those... *ahem*) 
who makes really beautiful, unique illustrations.

She's also a photographer and is currently based in Barcelona.

I was actually just reading through her blog.
She literally documents her daily adventures via photos.

It's super cool :D

Model smoking?
How cliché.

this illustration is still awesomely well-drawn.

I came across one of her posts entitled
where cat's eyes are being applied on little boys' eyes...

"Whyyy... ?!" you ask.
well, apparently it was for a "cross-dressing" night -

That just seems to raise more questions, right?!

I have a "studying" problem.

I noticed that when I'm supposed to be studying for something in particular,
I end up studying for something else entirely.

That's not to say that I'm wasting time because I'm still being productive
(I'm still getting work done... ).

It's just, I'm not studying for what I need to at that particular time.

Does that happen to you to?

I always do this unintentionally...

"Love it when you call me legs
In the morning buy me eggs"

.... ?!

Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga

Ah well, what do ya expect?
This woman is insane.

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